PPPIF 2017 Mtg Minutes

Play, Policy, and Practice Interest Forum

November 17, 2017 (6:00-8 pm)

Business Meeting Agenda

WELCOME and Introductions


Approval of Minutes

Information about PPPIF

Other Business:

2017 Patricia Monighan Nourot Award – Kelly Donnelly

2017 Edgar Klugman Award – Deb Lawrence

2017 Emerging Play scholar Award – Pool Ip Dong

It was suggested that the “Emerging Play Scholar Award” be renamed as the “Walter F. Drew Emerging Play Scholar Award”   It was approved.

Nominations for 2018 Awards: Contact Robin Ploof rploof@champlain.edu

Committee Structure & Past Work

Affiliate/State Interest Forums Committee – Baji Rankin & Robin Ploof

Research Committee – Marcia Nell, John Sutterby

Practice/Knowledge Base Committee – Ruth Guirguis

VISION Committee – Jim Johnson

Policy Committee – Deb Lawrence

Interest Forum Café Committee

Technology/Website/Communications Committee – Lynn Hartle and Karen Lindeman

Highlights of 2017 Annual Conference Presentations

Wednesday’s PPPIF sessions

Thursday’s   PPPIF Sessions

Friday’s PPPIF Sessions

Saturday’s PPPIF sessions


2018 Annual Conference

Next year’s conference presentation ideas were discussed

Committee Work

Small groups met to discuss titles of works that could be featured for the Hello Homepage.

Discuss Play as the feature for the Hello Homepage.

Format and Outcomes: Pick a recorder; record all ideas on the large sheets of paper

Reporting Back to the Group:

Each small group submitted a list of possible articles to use for the Hello Homepage featuring Play, Policy and Practice Interest Forum.




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