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“Watch and Listen to the Children: Play Informs Research, Theory, and Practice”

 Sandra Waite-Stupiansky, Guest Editor    Professor Emerita, Edinboro University, PA

This issue of PPP Connections will explore the notion that children’s play has informed most of the influential theorists of the twentieth century such as Piaget, Erikson, and Vygotsky.

 Authors are asked to submit a reflective piece (no longer than 1500 words) to




Please read and distribute this report (ATTACHED) as widely distributed as possible. Folks can use it with students, policymakers, school boards, parents, et

From Press Release: Defending the Early Years


BOSTON – January 9, 2017 – In the wake of federal and state education mandates, a new report documents interviews with early childhood teachers across the country about how school reforms negatively affect low-income young children.

Authored by Diane E. Levin, Professor of Early Childhood Education, Wheelock College and Judith L. Van Hoorn, Professor Emerita, University of the Pacific and published by Defending the Early Years, the report finds that the mandates disregard teachers’ knowledge of child development, culturally appropriate practice and how to meet the diverse educational needs of poor children.

Interviews with teachers of low-income children revealed that the mandates not only negatively affect children’s overall development, learning and wellbeing, and their attitudes about school, they also have negative impacts on their families and teachers.

To read the full report, visit:

Or, to read the two page summary:

To follow on Twitter and join the movement: @DEY_Project #TeachersSpeakOut

Play Policy, and Practice Interest Forum AWARDS nominations by Oct.21!

Hello Play Policy, and Practice Interest Forum Members,

Here is a wonderful opportunity to recognize three individuals in the early childhood field who are deeply engaged in and committed toresearch, policy and/or practice issues focused primarily on children’s play.

We (NAEYC’s Play Policy and Practice Interest Forum) are seeking nominations for the Patricia Monighan Nourot Award, the Edgar Klugman Award, and the Emerging Scholar Award. These awards will be presented on November 4th at the Play Policy and Practice Interest Forum Business Meeting during the NAEYC Annual Conference in Los Angeles.

The Patricia Monighan Nourot Award

In 1985 Patricia Monighan Nourot was one of the founding members of the Play Policy and Practice Caucus. She was one of a group of play scholars who conceived the idea and she invented the title for what would in time become the Play Policy and Practice Interest Forum. This is just one example of the kind of creative and innovative thinking she embodied.

In her honor The Patricia Monighan Nourot Award is bestowed upon a person who has made creative contributions in their area of expertise. These areas include: Theory and/or research, practice, and policy.

Recent past honorees include:   Marcia Nell    Olga Jarrett

The Edgar Klugman Award

Edgar “Ed” Klugman is a professor emeritus of Wheelock College in Early Childhood Education and Care. He was also one of the founding members of the Play Policy and Practice Interest Forums. At 91 years of age his bright spark of humor and quick wit is evident as he continues to be a mentor, a visionary, and an inspiration to the field.

In his honor the Edgar Klugman Award is bestowed upon a person in recognition of their leadership and research in the field of early childhood and play and human development.

Recent past honorees include:   Dorothy Sluss    James Johnson

The Emerging Scholar Award

This award is given to an outstanding graduate student in recognition of their scholarship, professional service, and leadership who is dedicated to promoting play in the lives of children, teachers, and parents.

Recent past honorees include:  Lindsey Robey  Mary Mahoney-Ferster

Not sure who to nominate? Honorees are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Creative contributions in their area of expertise theory, practice, policy.
  • Contributions in influencing how constructive play is perceived.
  • Uncovering new forms and ways that play reaches out and adapts to new contexts.
  • Building bridges to other disciplines and creating new insights.
  • Understanding new populations and reaching out to affect their growth and development.
  • Collaborative demonstrations that effect change.
  • Unique ways of influencing a sector in society.
  • Working closely with other organizations who focus on play and developing unique ways of influencing the contexts in which they provide service to communities.
  • Demonstrate policy influence to overcome barriers through the policy process.
  • Create legislation at the local, state, and or the national level that influenced the play environment.
  • Wrote a position paper that received wide recognition and dissemination
  • Searched out ways of translating research findings into lay language

Got someone in mind? Send a letter of recommendation to Robin

The deadline of October 21st is approaching fast!

Dr. Robin Ploof

Program Director M.Ed. in Early Childhood, Division of Education and Human Studies

Champlain College   163 South Willard Street   Burlington, VT 05401   Office: 207 Wick

phone: 802-865-6414     email:

Play, Policy, and Practice Interest Forum (PPPIF) of NAEYC 2015 Annual Leadership & Business Meeting

Play, Policy, and Practice Interest Forum (PPPIF) of NAEYC

2015 Annual Leadership & Business Meeting     Orlando, FL

Agenda: PPPIF BUS MEETS    PPPIF 2015 Mtg Agenda   Fall 2015 Business Meeting MINUTES

Date: Friday, November 20, 2015     Time: 6:00 – 8:00PM

Location: Orange County  Convention Center – Room W203A/B

Play, Policy, and Practice Interest Forum (PPPIF) of NAEYC 2014 Annual Leadership & Business Meeting

Play, Policy, and Practice Interest Forum (PPPIF) of NAEYC

2014 Annual Leadership & Business Meeting

 Brief Agenda  

(Click to download FULL minutes)  NAEYC 2014 PPPIF Minutes

Date: Friday, November 7, 2014     Time: 6:00 – 8:00PM

Location: Omni Hotel, Fair Park 1

Attendees with Emails:  NAEYC PPP Nov14 Attendees (click to download)

 Introductions and Announcements:Jim welcomed Krista Murphy candidate for the NAEYC Governing Board and Deb Cassidy candidate for NAEYC President, both shared support for play.

Members were invited to get to know each other while playing with the materials and to please complete the PPPIF Survey. (PPPIF Nov14 Survey Data(click to download)


Karan Marshall encouraged people to submit proposals for 20 minute sessions at the History Seminar.

Deb Shein invited collaboration between the Spirituality, Nature, PPP Interest Forums to submit a joint proposal for the 2015 conference in Orlando.

Jim Johnson and Marcia Nell will serve as the two new lead facilitators for PPPIIF.

Group DSC_0027

Approval of Minutes from 2013 PPP Business Meeting

Information about PPPIF & Current Committee Structure: Jim shared a brief history and mission of PPPIF

Highlights of 2014 Conference Presentations:

  1. Research Roundtables:
  2. Play & Social Justice:
  3. Author’s Panel: The Play Imperative – (Friday, Nov. 7 – 8:00-9:30AM)
  4. The Play Experience: A Tool to Promote & Strengthen Family Attitudes & Relationships (Wed. Nov 5, 8:30-11:30AM)
  5. From Play to Practice: (Friday Nov 7, 8:00-9:30AM)

2015 Annual Conference, Orlando

Topics for 2015 proposals were brainstormed with the following workshops suggested. Persons with asterisks (*) next to their names are asked to lead the effort to submit the proposal to NAEYC.

2014 Patricia Monighan Nourot Award – Olga Jarrett  Nourot award DSC_0014

 2014 Edgar Klugman Award – City of Cambridge Healthy Parks and Playground Task Force (for play research and leadership in the field of early childhood education) Bobby Brown

2014 PPPIF Graduate Student Award – Mary Mahoney-Ferster Graduate Student Award DSC_0025

Nominations for 2015 Awards: Contact Jim Johnson

PPPIF Committees Meet and Report Goals for the Year:  Affiliate/State Interest Forum Committee, Research Committee:Technology/Website/Communication Committee, Policy Committee, Practice/Knowledge Base Committee, Vision Committee