Directory of PPP Connections Newsletters, Guest Editors, and Themes (1995-2006)

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Issue 1 (1995-summer; Sandra Waite-Stupiansky); Nonthematic

Issue 2 (1995-fall-issue-2; Lynn Cohen); Defining Play and the History of the PPP Caucus

Issue 3 (1996-spring-issue-3; Peggy Cooney); Storyacting and Play; Vygotskian Approach

Issue 4 (Summer, 1996; Roberta Schomburg); Nonthematic

Issue 5 (Fall, 1996; Sara Lundsteen); Multicultural Play

Issue 6 (Spring, 1997; Walter Drew); Play and Adults

Volume III Issue 1 (Summer, 1997; Sandra Waite-Stupiansky); Play in Many Settings

Volume III Issue 2 (Fall/Winter, 1997; Lynn Cohen); Power of Play

Volume III Issue 3 (Spring, 1998; Pat Nourot); Play, Development, and Contexts

Volume IV Issue 1 (Fall, 1998; Ed Klugman); Children’s Toys and Play

Volume IV Issue 2 (Spring/Summer, 1999; Sandra Waite-Stupiansky); Valuing Play in the Past, Present and Future

Volume IV Issue 3 (Fall, 1999; Lisa Van Thiel & Mary Jamsek); Play and Community

Volume V Issue 1 (Summer, 2000; Scott Hewit); Play in Inclusive Settings

Volume V Issue 2 (Fall, 2000; Ed Klugman); Playing for Keeps

Volume VI Issue 1 (Spring/Summer, 2001; Dorothy Sluss); Research on Play

Volume VI Issue 2 (Fall, 2001; Lisa Van Thiel & Sandy Putnam-Franklin); Play and Standards

Volume VII Issue 1 (Summer/Fall, 2002; Dorothy Sluss); Research on Play

Volume VII Issue 2 (Spring, 2003; Judy Van Hoorn & Petra Hesse); Play of Children Exposed to Terrorism and War

Volume VIII Issue 1 (Fall, 2003; Dorothy Sluss); Research on Play

Volume VIII Issue 2 (Fall, 2004; Lisa Van Thiel & Sandy-Putman-Franklin); Standards and Play Revisited

Volume IX Issue 1 (Spring, 2005; James Johnson); Families and Play

Volume IX Issue 2 (Fall, 2005; Sandra Waite-Stupiansky); International Perspectives on Play

Volume X Issue 1 (Spring/Summer, 2006; Nancy Jenner Gabriel) Play and Literacy Development

Volume X Issue 2 (Winter, 2007; Satomi Izumi-Taylor) Wonders of Play